Le Guishu – Umami

Le Guishu – Umami


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Le Guishu – Umami

Le GuiShu創辦人Olivier Sublett出生於法國波爾多的葡萄酒家族,憑著他敢於創新、勇於嘗試的精神,為法國帶來了第一款以大米精釀而成的米酒,把法國人的釀酒傳統的巧思灌注入樂桂樹之中。

樂桂枝採用法國原產稻米,分成三款:Assemblage、Non filtré、Usami,更用上法國畫家Tom Garcia繪畫的中國墨水畫的酒標,別具格調之餘更有中西合璧之意。


Color: Amber yellow
Type: Semi sweet
Nose: Powerful and very complex. Lots of feelings reminding you good times and youth are invading you. The color and the nose make think that it will be sweet, but amazingly the mouth is very fresh and very balanced.The final is like a firework which never end.
Recommended for: Perfect as aperitif, but is very great with blue cheese or bitter chocolate without forgetting with foie gras either fresh or pan-fried.The chefs recommend with meat like duck both inbreast or lacquered. Sichuan hot pot is very fine. Avoid the sweet desserts.